December Fur Table

About the Fur Table

Thompson Fur TableThe Thompson Fur Table was one of several such events initiated in late 1970's by provincial staff to provide northern trappers with a unique opportunity to get better prices for their raw pelts. The two day Table is traditionally held a week or so before Christmas and has had over 300 trappers attend. It has been the only such event in Canada and is now organized by the Manitoba Trappers Association.

Thompson Fur TableUp to 5 licensed fur dealers gather annually in one hall and inspect each trapper’s lot of fur. Each dealer provides a quote for the lot and the trapper selects the best price. In this way the trapper benefits from the on-sit4e competitive demand for their furs.

Thompson Fur TableThe December timing of the Fur Table also allows families from all over the north to meet with distant friends, learn about new furbearer harvest and management techniques, and do some shopping before returning to their communities. Hundreds of thousand of dollars are injected into the local economy.


2014 Fur Table will be held December 19th and 20th (Friday & Saturday) at the St. Josephs Hall.


2013 Fur Table was held December 20th & 21st, 2013

Thompson Fur Table The 2013 Thompson Fur Table was held December 20th and 21st 2013. To contribute to the festive atmosphere for trappers and visitors, northern crafters of fur and leather goods were on hand.

Approved humane traps and supplies were available from MTA Trap Sales at competitive prices. For more information on next years Fur Table please contact the MTA. See statistics below for amounts and values.


Oswald Hudson Memorial Award

Manitoba Conservation annually presents the Oswald Hudson Memorial Award to a trapper who has demonstrated excellence in trapping and fur handling.

In 2013 the trapper selected was Wayne Lavallee of Easterville. The award was presented by the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship, Gord Mackintosh.


Some Statistics...

  1. In December of 2004 232 trappers realized a total of $497,408 for the pelts that they sold or consigned at the fur table.
  2. 2010 brought a late freeze up followed by stormy travel conditions during the fur table. However, 122 trappers attended, and received $155,216 for their efforts.
  3. For 2012 the 207 trappers at the Fur Table realized an average of $683,559 for their furs, the highest dollar value in the past 30 year of this event. A total of 6875 Marten brought excellent prices.
  4. The 2013 fur table brought 219 trappers who had fur sales of $618,252. There were 4823 marten sold or consigned to auction.( Marten peaked in 2013 at 6875). Number of Arctic Fox was higher at 82 - only 14 pelts brought in last year.