Trapping in Manitoba

Mandatory Trapper Education

Any Manitoba resident wishing to obtain a trapping license is required by regulation to satisfactorily complete the Trapper Education Course.

Any Manitoba resident wishing to obtain....

Trapping Permits

What do I need to obtain a Manitoba trapping licence or permit?

To obtain a Manitoba Trapping Licence you must:

  1. Be a resident of Manitoba (no licences are available to non-residents), and...
  2. Be at least 12 years of age, and...
  3. Successfully meet the mandatory Manitoba Trapper Education requirement or have previously held a valid trapping licence in any jurisdiction.
Note: You do not need the Trapper Education requirement if you obtained your first ever trapping licence prior to 1990.

Mandatory Trapper Education Course

Trapper education is an important part of furbearer management in Manitoba. Courses may be available on request and are usually two days or three evenings. There may be a waiting list depending on demand, and the number of students requesting a course in your area. Courses usually take place in conjunction with the Trapping Seasons.

Subject areas covered include:

  • History of the Fur Trade
  • Trapline Management
  • Furbearer Biology & Diseases
  • Public AwarenessAnimal RightsFur Marketing & Grading
  • Trapping Equipment
  • Skinning & Boarding (forming) Pelts
  • Humane Trapping - Approved Traps
  • Problem Animal Control Methods
  • Furbearer Management
  • Acts and Regulations
  • Trapper Ethics
  • Trap Research
  • Video or Power Point Presentations
  • First Aid

The Manitoba Trappers Association partners with Manitoba Conservation to offer Trapper Education Courses on an as-required basis. To register for a course in your area, or for further information, please contact the Manitoba Trappers Association at 204-295-1512 or the nearest Manitoba Conservation district office.