Problem Predator Removal Service (PPRS)

Coyotes & Wolves – (January 2013)

Manitoba Trappers Association PPRS operates under contract with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship (CWS) to provide licensed trappers for problem predator control services. Trapper assistance will be provided to livestock producers and property owners experiencing wildlife predation, using humane trapping techniques or the “call & shoot” method.

Livestock producers must have an active claim number from Manitoba Agricultural Services (MASC) to request trapper services. Alternately, producers/property owners who are experiencing severe problems with predators may initiate a “District Occurrence Report” (DOR) with a CWS Natural Resource Officer, requesting the authorization for assistance to take place.

A special Kill Permit has been provided to MTA to cover the activities of those trappers enlisted in the program outside of Trapping Season.

Trappers will be paid for their travel expenses, on a per kilometre basis of .41 cents/km. Remuneration of $20.00 per hour will be provided on an hourly basis up to a maximum of 24 hours, extensions may be granted for chronic situations for a total of 40 hours. Pelts of predators are retained by the trapper.

Trappers will be required to complete all paperwork connected with the program prior to receiving payment.

Those registered with MTA for Problem Predator Control will be contacted for problems in their area. If you are interested, and have experience with coyote and/or wolf trapping, please call for information.

Trappers must be a member of MTA, as you will be covered for Workers Compensation while working on the program.

Thank you.
Manitoba Trappers Association